The Gift of Life

Sara Taft August 8, 2018


In the painting above you can see the healthy liver I received after my miraculous liver transplant. It proudly hangs in the Cedars-Sinai Transplant Center in Beverly Hills. The Cedars liver team saved my life! I was 62 years old when I went through this transformative experience after receiving the shocking news that I had an unusual autoimmune disease called primary biliary cirrhosis.

It would take me time to grasp the significance of what had made me so sick. This awesome gift of life extended my life 20 years and set me out on a journey I never would have imagined. I felt a deeper responsibility to live my life as fully as I could but also sensed I had to live more deeply for the young man who had died and donated his liver.

After all of these years, 18 to be exact, I am astonished how my liver transplant transformed my life in ways I would never have imagined. The great surprise is not only did I receive a healthy liver but a mystical

heart transplant as well! I see how my previous dualistic thinking helped me get ill and how my healing brought me to prayer, meditation, and an embodied gratitude for every moment I am alive.

We need new vision for our current times. Reawakening the story of Mary Magdalene now is urgent. She was the first apostle to see the

vision of a resurrected Christ. Because of this she was called the Apostle of the Apostles.

Our times today are similar to the times of Jesus and Mary. They are chaotic and troubled. But Magdalene’s vision of his resurrection turned the tide of human history. From tragedy and death emerged the radical and revolutionary teachings of love, which entered into our world forever. Even though we are prone to forget, they are indelibly placed in our souls. Magdalene’s devotion and love for Jesus, carried her through her sorrow at his death, as she took his message out to the world.

She was a world visionary.

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Sara Taft

Sara Taft

Sara Taft discovered she had an auto-immune disease at age sixty-two. The illness eventually destroyed her liver and ultimately ch . . . read more

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