The Gospel of Mary Magdalene II

Sara Taft August 29, 2018

Part II


In Part 1 of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, I introduced my experience of what the shaman’s call “ extraction.”  This ritual is a combination of dialogue, mental and physical  experiences that prepared my mind and body to receive a new liver.  This is when Mary Magdalene appeared to me and held me.


By doing these exercises, the shamans located toxic energy patterns of my thinking that had impacted my body and caused cirrhosis of the liver. Then they cleared them with energy work, chanting, affirmations and drumming. I was willing to go to extremes to uncover and deal with the cause of my illness rather than just the symptoms. I discovered the toxic thoughts corrupted, like covering over, my essential natural Being. Laid on us from cultural conditioning they are mistaken for who you “think” you are. Sometimes they are thought of as our” second nature”.  We act from them without thinking or questioning if they are in alignment with our true nature.


I want to say more about toxic or negative energy patterns.  Recently a

new teacher of mine, Jim Finley, both a psychologist, teacher and disciple of Thomas Merton, clarified this process which all of us share.  He spoke of it from a Biblical perspective and said that to the extent we Believe all of the negative things we say to ourselves we are worshipping false gods. (like not measuring up to social standards). Some of these things can be: shame, guilt, judgments – I’m not good enough, I am a failure, my relationships show me there is no such thing as real love, I will never amount to much. These are our personal litany and how we tyrannize ourselves.


These False Gods, obstruct the spirit of God’s flow into our souls so we cannot feel the loving support and wholeness that is essentially there.  I experienced this during my work with the shamans.  I have had to attend to this practice daily for my mind body well- being and harmony ever since the

transplant.  The shamans showed me the way to keep the pathway open.


In the Gospel of Mary Magdalene she says: 

         “Attachment to matter (beliefs)

         gives rise to passion against nature.

         Thus trouble arises in the whole body;

         This is why I tell you:

         ‘Be in harmony…’

         If you are out of balance,

         Take inspiration from manifestations

         Of your true nature.”

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