Liver Disease: A Treacherous Beast in the Belly

Sara Taft November 9, 2018

Liver Disease: A Treacherous Beast in the Belly

liver disease

There are over a hundred types of liver diseases identified in the medical industry but not all people are aware of how these liver diseases may affect them. The dangers of liver diseases is that its symptoms do not often manifest in its earlier stage and will most often be passed over as flu. Other times, no symptoms manifest at all. Only when the disease progresses do characteristic signs are noticed.  One of the most common signs is jaundice, which is the noticeable yellow coloration of the skin and eyes. Brownish urine and black stool is also one of its most common symptoms.


Mostly those with liver disease learn about it at a later stage, making it harder to treat. This most often leads to liver transplant or death. In a 2016 survey by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are approximately 4.9 million adults diagnosed with liver disease and in 2015,40,326 deaths were recorded. Quite an alarming number for this disease, and it is said to be rising still.


To know more about this disease, here are the most common types of liver diseases that most often lead to transplant or death.


  1. NAFLD (Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease)

This liver disease is said to be the most common liver disease in the U.S. which is caused by the build-up of fat in the liver. Obese and overweight individuals are most commonly affected with this liver disease. NAFLD is the liver disease with the highest mortality rate. It does not pose a great risk in its early stage. However, if left to develop further, this liver disease may cause more liver damage that may lead to a more serious stage like cirrhosis.


  1. NASH (Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis)

A more serious form if NAFLD. In this stage, the liver has become inflamed and an indention in the tummy may be noticeable. If diagnosed at an early stage, NASH can be reversible with a change of lifestyle.


  1. Alcoholic-related liver disease

From the name itself, this type of liver disease can be acquired through regularly drinking too much alcohol. In a 2015 statistics from CDC, there are 21,028 deaths due to liver disease. Alcohol-related liver disease does not show any symptoms, not until the liver has been severely damaged.


  1. Cirrhosis

Cirrhosis is the most severe stage of liver disease after years of inflammation of the liver. In this stage, the liver shrinks and becomes scarred, leaving permanent damage to the liver. This may lead to liver failure or liver cancer. In UK, there are around 600 people who undergo liver transplant as a way to treat this liver disease.


Being infected with a treacherous liver disease is not an easy feat. From the long, painful suffering of carrying the beast in my belly, the uncertainty of the transplant, down to the painful journey of my recovery, every phase felt like a lifetime. However, my healing throughout the transplant was blessed by the blessed lady shaman.


Witness my journey toward healing in the pages my book, Mary Magdalene, Shaman: Healing through Transplant Surgery. Share your thoughts with me and your fellow readers by leaving a comment below. You can also share them with me through Facebook and Twitter.





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