Mary Magdalene France Pilgrimage

Sara Taft December 4, 2018

A brief history of how Mary Magdalene pilgrimage in France came to be

Pilgrimage has been very popular all over Europe during the twelfth century. Pilgrims from all over the world would travel to some famous destinations like Jerusalem, Rome, Spain, and France. One of the most popular France pilgrimage is the way to Sainte Marie-Madeleine in Sainte-Baume, Southern France. This pilgrimage is dedicated to Saint Mary Magdalene, their most celebrated saint. But how did this pilgrimage came to be? Let’s find out.


Saint Marys of the Sea


After Mary Magdalene saw the resurrected Jesus Christ, she was no longer mentioned in the rest of the bible. Since the first century, a myth has been circulating around France. A boat without a sail nor oars landed in France. From that boat were Mary Jacobi, Mary Salome, Lazarus, Martha, and Mary Magdalene. The site where the boat landed was named Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer or Saint Marys of the Sea.


Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer is a small fishing village in France. It was said that Mary Magdalene was enchanted by the place and stayed to live as a hermit for seven years in a cave in Sainte-Baume.


Saint Mary Magdalene Pilgrimage


The pilgrimage of Mary Magdalene started way back to the fifth century. According to the book Marie-Madeleine et la Sainte-Baume, Jeab Cassien, the patriarch of the Monks of the West, came to the cave of Sainte-Baume to seek solitude. In the cave were the relics of Mary Magdalene. Similar to what happened to Mary Magdalene, Cassien was captivated by Sainte-Baume. Cassien established an abbey where he came for retreats. Since then, a pilgrimage in France has been established. Great people from around the world came to Sainte-Baume to honor the places Mary Magdalene has lived.



The sacred feminine embodied within Mary Magdalene has been my pillar of strength and anchor. The tempest of my life, the liver transplant, was no match to my spiritual connection to Saint Mary Magdalene. It is no wonder that the people in Provence celebrates her being through a pilgrimage in France. I only hope that her spiritual power may resonates among other people, the same way it has resonated in me.



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