Shamans and Ancient Teachings

Sara Taft January 16, 2019

How shamans can teach us about detachment

Shamans and Ancient Teachings

Shamanism goes back to the ancient times. It’s considered as one of the oldest healing practices of the body, mind, and most especially, the spirit. Back in those days, a shaman was looked upon with respect and reverence because they bring healing and protection to their tribe. They give power and purpose, and restore balance to people and places. Nowadays, shaman still exist in some parts of world. But their strong principles and beliefs keeps them grounded and at ease.

From this sacred duty comes forth incredible skills that they learned since they are young. The following paragraphs are only a few of the valuable lessons we can adapt, particularly of detachment. I encourage you to dig deeper into your inner being to find the rest.

Connect with nature. One of the most valuable teachings shamans impart to us is the love to spend with nature. The problem with today’s generation is that we are too attached with our technology that we forget that we are living in the same planet, that we are part of a system that’s bigger than the internet. Reconnecting with nature removes us of anxiety, complexities, and inculcates in us a clear, calm, and undisturbed mind.

Never hesitate to seek help. The sacred duty of shamans require them to work together. They know that it is important to rely on spiritual allies to guide them in their spiritual journey. They know that they can’t do it alone. There would come a time that no matter how independent, strong, or wealthy we feel we are, remember that we are not perfect, we make mistakes, and most of all, we don’t know everything. Once we detach of our self-importance, we come to realize that we need the help of others to support us and give us advice to do the right thing.

Live in the moment. Shamans are always aware of their surroundings as well as what is happening within themselves. This self-awareness helps them focus on the important things. They can predict the future based on the signs that is given to them by the outside as well as the inside forces. This could not be done without their full concentration. By practicing concentration and meditation, we detach of the unnecessary information and focus on what is important.

Be compassionate. In a shaman’s perspective, the health of his/her tribe is important. Without selflessness, one cannot heal others. Self-interest and ego cause nothing but trouble. Selflessness is the key to achieve a sense of fulfillment in that it fuels the heart to do more.

Find your purpose. Shamans have an important and irreplaceable role. But their roles require rigorous training, for they will be responsible for every person in their tribe. That’s why for them, finding their purpose is of utmost importance because only through it that they will be certain that they will become effective and powerful shamans in the future. They act according to their purpose. In the same way, our purpose guides us, motivates us, and empower us to be our best version of ourselves.

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